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Ways to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day to Present Gorgeous Photos

Anyone who argues that planning a wedding doesn’t come with stress has evidently never planned an incredible wedding on their own! You have a lot on your plate, and you must be on your toes for your special day. This can lead you to feeling as though you can’t be calm, which will certainly affect your wedding photos.

Your mood will be featured within your photos! Therefore, it’s important to stay calm, so that you can present natural and beautiful images.

We adore seeing a newlywed couple looking happy and confident in their photos! That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we want to share a few ways in which you can stay calm on your own wedding day, to present gorgeous images. If you would like to take in some great advice, be sure to continue reading:

  • Remember to Eat. You will be in charge of a lot on your big day. However, there is one very important task that you must remember. You have to eat on your big day! Lack of nutrition will make you feel faint and exhausted. This can be horrible for your photos as well as your overall wedding festivities.

  • “You Time”. Even though you may have plans to jet off to your honeymoon as soon as your nuptials draw to a close, you still need alone time on your big day. You were just pronounced newlyweds, and that deserves a little alone time to celebrate. Be sure to whisk your new spouse to the side to enjoy a little “you time”. This will allow you to take a breather and relax.

  • Take It Easy. There will be a lot of temptation to run around and get all of your ducks in a row. Double checking, triple checking, ensuring that everything is flawless is expected. However, this is the perfect time to take it easy so that you are well rested before your celebration. A week before your big day, follow up with your vendors to ensure that everyone is all set for your wedding. In addition, take care of any little tasks. This way, you can take the last couple days leading up to your wedding to rest.

Being calm on your big day is of importance! These are just a few tips to ensure that you are. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a Tahoe wedding photographer, we would be honored to capture your wedding day. Contact us today to book your wedding photographer in Incline Village.

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