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6 Services We Include - A Stress Free Wedding Experience 

1. I'm thinking of having an engagement session too, is that extra? and how does that work? Is it worth it?

We offer a few tiered wedding collections that already include an engagement session package starting at 90min. If you are booking your wedding day with us and purchase one of these packages, after you book your wedding we will coordinate a date for your session with you at your earliest convenience.  We highly recommend a session with whoever  your wedding photographer is. The repoire and dynamic relationship we will learn about our couples helps us to deliver even better experiences for the wedding.

2. What if one/both of us is shy or not as comfortable in front of the camera - will the photographer show me what makes everyone look great in a photo?

Not a problem! We promise. With experience in talent modeling, runway and photography along with years of experience, thousands of hours of photography education and an eye for composition, we will have you looking your natural best in just a few minutes. We take time in every session to help you in creating natural poses, finding your best look and making the experience fun and unforgettable.

3. What is a wedding photography timeline, do I need one?

A wedding photography timeline ensures we are prepared and assures the couple that we understand each part of the day. We can discuss details about what is expected and plan for it. We create a this timeline with you and separate from your planners timeline. This is specific to your photographers. This allows us to do our job well have time to create the art we are known for, and the images you expect.  A good timeline will allow you to be fully present in your wedding day, to soak it all in, and to remember the important moments of the day, so that when you look back it's not all a blur.  So after you've booked us we will work with you to create a solid timeline and work with your planner and coordinator as well.  

4. When is a travel fee included and when isn't it?

We have standard travel fees to certain areas such as Sacramento, San Francisco. All others more than 100miles outside our Tahoe locale are prices based on actual mileage & time. Anything within 100miles r/t that is included in every package. Check your wedding agreement for the exact figures.

5. Will the photographer visit the venue before the wedding day?

If at all possible -Yes... even if we have been there before.  Venues change, weather changes and every wedding is different. By doing this we save you time on the wedding day & maximize what you get in return... amazing photos! 

6. Will the photographer provide an assistant/photographer or do we need to hire a 2nd?

Depending on what package and session you choose, typically most of our weddings will include a 2nd photographer. If your wedding is much smaller, it might not make sense to have both.

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