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Ways to Share Your Wedding with Guests Who Can’t Attend

Unfortunately, loved ones aren’t always able to attend weddings. However, this doesn’t mean that you still can’t share your big day with them!

In fact, there are some ways in which you can have them be a part of your celebration, even from a distance!

Are you aware of how you can let guests who can’t attend your wedding in on the celebration? If not, you are in luck! As here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as Lake Tahoe wedding photographers, we have gathered some ways in which you can. If you are all set to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Livestream. If you have guests who live far away, you can let them be a part of your big day by streaming it live! Have someone record your nuptials, so that it will be as though they are right there with you. Or, simply record a video and send it to them.

  • Hashtag. By creating a hashtag specifically for your wedding, you can have your guests posts pictures as they enjoy your celebration, and utilize the hashtag. This way, those who can’t attend can search for your hashtag, allowing them to view all of the lovely photos from your big day.

  • Photos. Photography is the most efficient way to preserve all of your memories! After your nuptials, comprise all of your images into a lovely album, and send the album to those who couldn’t be present for your wedding. This way, they can view your entire celebration, from start to finish, having them feel as though they were there with you.

Even though not everyone may be able to attend your wedding, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share your big day with them! With these tips, everyone can be a part of your happily ever after.

If you are ready to preserve your own big day with a wedding photographer in Incline Village, please contact us here at Joseph Hummel Photography. We are honored to photograph such wonderful celebrations, and would be pleased to do the same for yours.

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