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First-Look Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

As you walk around the corner and meet your partner before your ceremony for your first-look photo session, you will feel a wave of emotions, such as surprise, happiness, romance, and passion. This will be a moment that you will hold dear forever. Not only will you experience these emotions, but you will get to see your partner’s reaction to seeing you for the first time on your big day.

There is no doubt that such a special moment should go perfectly!

Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we believe that your first-look showcase every loving emotion that you will be feeling! That’s why we have put together a few first-look wedding photography mistakes to avoid for your own. To learn what these mistakes are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Being Camera Shy. Of course, your first-look moment will be incredibly intimate. This is a special moment for both of you. However, it’s crucial that you aren’t camera shy, as if you are, it will show in your photos. Pretend that the camera isn’t even there, and just focus on the love that you have for your partner. Being natural will showcase organic and beautiful photos.

  • Not Planning Ahead. Winging your first-look wouldn’t be ideal, especially when you are trying to capture the moment perfectly. This is an event that should be planned, which means that your photographer should be kept in the loop. Determine where your first-look will be taking place, and how you and your partner will go about creating yours. This way, your photographer can utilize the best lighting and angles.

  • Rushing It. Time crunches seem to be inevitable during such big events, especially when the day is planned down to the last minute. But, it’s crucial that you plan enough time for your first-look so that you aren’t rushed. Allow yourselves and your photographer enough time to preserve this moment, so that each emotion can be depicted with ease.

Every couple should have a memorable firsts-look photo session! These are just a few tips that you will want to avoid for yours. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, we would be grateful to capture your big day. Contact us today to start planning your Incline Village wedding photography.

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