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3 Ways to Prepare for Cold, Snowy, Windy or Otherwise Horribly Bad Weather Weddings and Engagements

These 3 ways to prepare for possible bad weather at your engagement session or wedding day is from our experience as wedding photographers in Lake Tahoe, where the weather is known to be incredible and also extreme.

These tips may all seem like common sense, but when preparing yourself for your photo session or wedding, there will most likely be a lot of other things on your mind. This advice can also apply to other locations, but is specific for the mountain and lake area of Tahoe.

You definitely want to look your best at your engagement session and especially your wedding. Alas, weather may not cooperate with your plans.

To avoid surprises, check your weather forecast as your event date gets closer, as weather (especially in Tahoe) tends to change from day to day.

Pay attention to the temperature and possible chance of precipitation, because you don't want to find this happening unexpectedly...

Let's take a look at planning a wardrobe for your engagement. Much has already been written on the subject, but specifically, what to wear for bad (cold) weather.

The answer is simply layers.

If you don't want to be caught wearing winter coats, a few layers can do wonders.

How to layer. Start with a smooth fabric (silk or synthetic blend) base layer that is fitted snug. A loose base layer will allow cold to sneak in. The smooth base layer is key as it will allow your other layers to move with your body and not limit your range of motion. This is very important in photo sessions as you will want to be and look comfortable.

Choose layers with varying fabrics. Why? A wool sweater may seem like a warm choice, but if the wind is blowing it will cool you very quickly. Whereas, including a tight knit base layer, or waterproof layer will act as a wind-breaker.

For men we suggest: base layers top & bottom, a scarf, thinsulate lined gloves and earmuffs can keep you warm and also provide stylish options. Bring a wool blanket to wrap your lady in and hand warmers to keep in your pockets.

For women we suggest: base layers top & bottom, thinsulate gloves, a scarf, furry or knitted, a furry coat, fuzzy fur hats and cute ear muffs. Hand warmers will keep your extremities warm. Put them in your gloves, hat, pocket and/or shoes.

As your photographers, we are going to do everything we can to prepare for photographing you. In addition, we will try to keep you notified of upcoming weather and what to do. But even with the best plans, it is good to have a backup plan. What will you do if the snow turns, to a blizzard or, to rain?

Sometime's waiting or rescheduling to another time of day just isn't possible. We hope these tips will help you to make the very best of your wedding day and engagement session regardless of the weather.

rainy weather

Bad weather does not have to determine the outcome of your engagement photo session or wedding. It has much more to do with your own internal disposition than anything external. To paraphrase a quote from Stephen Covey, no matter what the weather turns out to be,

"Carry your own weather inside of you".

If you are prepared and apply these tips not even bad weather will put a damper on your photo session or wedding plans in Lake Tahoe and you will be a step in the right direction!

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