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Texas to Tahoe for a Winter Engagement Session

Kristi & John came all the way from Texas to Tahoe, to explore their venue at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa in Incline Village NV for their upcoming April wedding. We finally got to meet them face-to-face and while here, we had a quick engagement session with them.

It was nice to get to know them and Kristi's father Jeff. I can tell you now, that Texans ain't afraid of a little snow. We are glad they decided to get married here, and traveling around here in the midst of the largest winter snow Tahoe has seen in the past 40 years, takes some courage!

The day was beautiful, not cold, not warm, but sunny- and a respite from the constant snowy days we've had. Monique and I took them to Alibi Ale Works in Incline Village and then to a few local spots to photograph them in the snow and the beaches of Tahoe (although the snow didn't cooperate).

We certainly look forward to meeting the rest of their family and friends at their wedding at the Hyatt coming up in April.

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