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Reasons to Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will certainly be a romantic event for you and your partner! You will express words of love towards one another, seal your vows with a kiss, and begin your journey to your happily ever after.

Seeing as your ceremony is such an intimate event, you will certainly want to ensure that it remains that way!

We believe that your wedding ceremony should be intimate for you and your partner! That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as Lake Tahoe wedding photographers, we have comprised some reasons as to why you should have an unplugged wedding ceremony. Be sure to continue reading to discover what these reasons are:

  • All Eyes on You. You will be the center of attention during your wedding ceremony. Therefore, you will want all eyes to be on you! By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, you can ensure that the focus of all of your guests will be on you and your partner, and not on their mobile devices.

  • No Interruptions. Making your way down the aisle will be a wonderful experience for you! Therefore, you won’t want your guests making any interruptions. An unplugged wedding ceremony will ensure that your guests will remain in their seats, instead of possibly within the aisle as they try and take their own photos.

  • Privacy. Your wedding is a personal day for you and your partner, shared with only your closest friends and family members. You can ensure that your big day remains private to your guest list by hosting an unplugged wedding ceremony. This way, you can be certain that no photos from your big day will be floating around, as guests won’t have the opportunity to take pictures.

  • The Best Photos. By hiring a professional photographer to capture your wedding, you will ensure that you will receive only the best photos! By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, you won’t have to worry about your guests capturing their own images that you may not be fond of, and then sharing them with others. So, leave the photography to the professionals!

There are so many benefits to having an unplugged wedding ceremony! These are just a few that you will want to keep in mind.

If you are still searching for your own wedding photographer in Incline Village to capture your big day, please contact us here at Joseph Hummel Photography. We cherish the opportunity to photograph such heartfelt events, and would be pleased to capture yours as well.

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