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Loving Poses for Your Engagement Photos

Your engagement is a once in a lifetime experience! You are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, but not yet husband and wife; this time will be over in the blink of an eye, as you will soon be wed.

However, through photography, you can cherish this special time in your life, and ensure that the memories never fade.

We understand just how important it is to capture your engagement through photography! That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we have gathered some loving poses that you could choose to showcase throughout your own engagement photos. Would you like to discover what these poses are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Looks of Love. You and your partner only have eyes for one another. The looks that you will present each other with are one of a kind. So, express the loving emotions that you both share by gazing into each other’s eyes! This will present you with truly romantic images.

  • Embrace Your Excitement. Getting married is incredibly exciting! You can embrace your excitement by having your partner pick you up in the air, spin you around and showcase just how anxious you are to become their wife! This will add some action to your images, and certainly a great deal of intimacy.

  • A Natural Appeal. There is nothing more beautiful than the natural bond that you and your partner share. So, show it off! By walking, talking, laughing, and just being organic with one another, you can capture images that showcase your true love story. What could be more beautiful than that?

With engagement photos, you can embrace your new relationship status proudly! These are just a few poses that you can showcase throughout yours.

If you are all set to hire your engagement photographer in Lake Tahoe, please contact us here at Joseph Hummel Photography. As an Incline Villa engagement photographer, we would be honored to capture this wonderful milestone within your life.

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