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Wedding Photos to Capture That Showcase Emotion

When you think of flipping through your wedding album, what photos do you imagine? From your walk down the aisle to formal family photos, many images will create your collection that will bring you back to your big day.

However, filling your album with unique moments will ensure that your collection is exclusive to you and your partner, just as it should be!

Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we believe that wedding photos should showcase the big events, as well as the small emotional moments, that will occur on your big day! That’s why we have compiled a list of wedding photos to capture that will showcase emotions from your own wedding day. To discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Love Letters. There is a beautiful tradition that couples can participate in for their big day; exchanging love letters to one another before the wedding ceremony. Seeing as you will read your note from your partner before your walk down the aisle, it will help to calm any pre-wedding jitters that you may be experiencing. Imagine the intense emotions that you will experience when reading the love letter from your spouse to-be…you will certainly emit loving expressions, which will allow your photographer to capture truly heartfelt photos.

  • A Time for Firsts. If you want to be sure that you get a clear view of your partner’s reaction to seeing you for the first time as a bride or groom, you can choose to do a first-look photo session. There is no doubt that seeing your partner for the first time on your big day will be such a loving experience, so capturing this moment is sure to bring a great deal of emotion to your wedding photo collection.

  • Family Matters. Your parents are such a big part of your life! They raised you and are now encouraging you to spread your wings to begin your new journey in life with your partner. While you can have a first-look with your partner, know that you can also do so with your parents. The emotions that will be presented with tears of happiness and smiles will showcase a great deal of love for your wedding album.

How would you like to see these beautiful photos as you flip through your wedding album? After all, loving emotions will create such heartfelt images. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as an Incline Village wedding photographer, we can capture these special moments and so many more from your own wedding day. Please get in touch with us today to book your wedding photographer in Lake Tahoe.

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