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How to Capture Emotion Through Photography

Think about all the many emotions you have felt throughout your life. From pure joy to passion, these emotions have created lasting and important memories for you. What caused those emotions, and even what resulted from them, has created lasting memories and experiences that have helped you become who you are.

There is no doubt that emotion is incredibly important in life. And, capturing those emotions is the perfect way to preserve your memories and feelings.

We believe that capturing emotions will bring incredible meaning and a deep connection to your photos. That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we have put together a few helpful tips on how to capture emotion through photography. Keep reading to learn how you can bring emotion to your own photos:

  • Tap into Your Emotions. You are certainly well experienced in emotion. If you want genuine emotion, you can tap into a memory or thought that helps you feel a little bit of this emotion. For example, if you want to showcase happiness, think back on one of your happiest memories.

  • Relax. The best way to prepare for your photo session is to relax. Before you step foot in front of the camera, loosen up. It is important to not focus on the lens or the photographer and let your true self shine. Being yourself will create organic and raw emotions, letting you capture naturally beautiful photos.

  • Skip The “Cheese”. Have you ever noticed how awkward people look when they actually say “cheese” for a photo? The smile and emotion are gone, and they are left looking out of place with a fake smile. You do not have to say cheese for a smile. In fact, it’s discouraged.

Everyone deserves photos that showcase their true emotions! These tips can ensure that your images aren’t lacking, and instead shine with feeling. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a wedding photographer in Lake Tahoe, we can capture your emotions and showcase them beautifully through your portraits. Contact us today to begin planning with your Incline village wedding photographer.

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