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Ways to Have Fun When Capturing Your Engagement Photos

Your engagement is certainly a serious time within your life. However, it is also a time to express yourselves, your personalities, and showcase some loving and fun photos. Seeing as each relationship is unique, it is important to capture a collection of photos that represents every aspect of the bond that the couple has created.

Do you know the ways in which you can add some fun to your engagement photos?

We believe that every couple should be presented with engagement photos that will highlight their personal relationship. That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we have gathered some ways in which you can have fun when capturing yours. Would you like to discover what these ways are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Make Use of Props. You and your partner likely have shared interests or hobbies that you enjoy taking part in with one another. With the use of props, you can add some personalization to your photos. If you play musical instruments, bring them along with you, such as your guitar. Or, if you enjoy going on picnics with one another, a mock picnic set-up at your favorite location would be a lovely addition to your photos.

  • Utilize Your Surroundings. The world provides its own beauty. Each setting you are placed within will pose as the backdrop for your engagement photos. To add some fun to your photos, utilize your surroundings. If it’s fall, and the leaves have covered the ground, make a pile and enjoy it with one another. Or, if the snow has begun to make its debut, a playful time enjoying it would lighten up your collection of images.

  • Consider Your Attire. If there is a certain image that you would like your engagement photos to evoke, you can do so with the ensembles that you choose. It would be fun to showcase your careers or interests throughout your clothing. If you are a pilot, put on your uniform and have your photos captured among a plane. Or, for a more whimsical appeal, you can choose a flowing gown and vibrant colors. The opportunities are truly endless!

With engagement photos, you have the opportunity to share you love with others. These are just a few tips for showcasing your fun side throughout yours. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we are all set to be your Incline Village engagement photographer. Please contact us today to hire your engagement photographer in Lake Tahoe.

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