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Consider Having an Unplugged Wedding

You have spent months, possibly even years, planning your perfect wedding. Everything from the charming centerpieces to your stunning attire has taken a great deal of critique and meticulous planning. Your wedding will be one of your most fond memories that you will forever be able to share with your partner. But, imagine having negative light shown on your wedding with unflattering photos from your big day.

There is a way that you can avoid such an atrocity. Just the thought of seeing these images, with you in the middle of taking a bite of your wedding cuisine, or an unflattering image of you and your partner being posted on social media for all to see. Or, even worse, your loved ones are busy playing on their phones as you make your grand debut down the aisle. These are horrible scenarios for any wedding, and you can ensure they don’t happen for yours. An unplugged wedding is a great way to avoid these unforgivable mishaps.

Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we believe that every couple deserves the best memories of their wedding day, unencumbered by mobile games, unflattering pictures, or cell phones ringing during your vows. That’s why we have put together a few reasons as to why you should consider having an unplugged wedding. To learn how your wedding day can be as great as you have always imagined, be sure to continue reading for some great insight:

  • Only the best photos will be highlighted. Surely, you will hire a photographer for your wedding. They will present you with the most stunning photos from your big day. The moment you exchange rings, cut the cake, and even your first dance, will reflect just how gorgeous your wedding day was, within your photos. If every single guest is allowed to take their own photos, you will surely have photos that you do not like. Your photographer will do a wonderful job, and can be entrusted with photographing your big day. And, you will be able to see and approve each image before it is showcased to others.

  • Privacy. You have a guest list for your big day, and certainly not everyone you know made the cut. Now that social media has so many features, from checking in using locations, to sharing photos with a single click, nothing seems to be private anymore. Your wedding day still can be, for you and your guests. If guests are not allowed to have their phones out for your big day, then there is little to no risk of photos or locations being shared without consent or knowledge.

  • Keep everyone’s attention. Whether people mean to or not, sometimes their attention just isn’t where it should be when their phone lights up. From taking pictures to creating posts, the attention slowly drains from your wedding day, and so does your guests’ interaction. An unplugged wedding will solve this problem, easily.

Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a Tahoe wedding photographer, we believe every couple deserves only the best memories of their big day, and they deserve to have their guests’ full attention. That’s why we would be honored to capture your wedding day. To begin planning your wedding Incline Village wedding photography, please feel free to contact us today.

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