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Ways to Photograph the Groom on Your Wedding Day

Your groom has an admirable life to him. He can make you smile on your worst days, add a sense of joy to any activity, as his handsome smile surely lights up your life. His joyous demeanor is likely one of the things you love most about him. So, you will certainly want wonderful photos captured of him on your wedding day.

On your big day, not being able to capture your groom in the best way, is just not an option. It’s a day to showcase and celebrate the love and affection you share, the magnificent people you are as individuals, and how you have come together to form a perfectly wonderful partnership. These traits should be highlighted within your wedding photos.

We believe that the groom should play a prominent role in your wedding album, and should be featured handsomely. That’s why, here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we have put together a few ways in which the groom can be photographed on the big day. To learn how you can treasure lovely photos of the groom, be sure to keep reading for some great inspiration:

  • His special details. You have likely put a lot of time into your own wedding attire, and so has your groom. Cuff links, ties, pocket squares; these all play a role in creating your groom’s stunning appearance. You will certainly want to remember how handsome he looked on your wedding day, and you can when you capture his wedding details.

  • Entertaining the kids at your wedding. Little cousins, nieces and nephews, maybe even your own children, will all be present for your big day. While a kid’s table is a great way to keep them entertained, it’s still important that you spend a little time with your tiny guests. You can capture your groom letting his inner child out as he entertains the little ones at your wedding. What could be more charming than a man who is good with kids? And, it will create natural and genuine photos.

  • Fun with his groomsmen. Your groom is sure to have a blast on your big day. Not only will he be marrying you, his soul mate, but he will be accompanied by his best friends. His groomsmen have their own unique elements to add to your big day, and your photos. You can capture those organic moments that your groom and his groomsmen create together, such as sharing a cigar, pulling out their best moves on the dance floor, or even the playful banter they exchange. He is sure to smile when he sees his favorite boys in your wedding album.

Your wedding album just won’t be complete without your groom, and with these tips, you can be sure you have an incredible collection of wedding photos. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a wedding photographer in Incline Village, we would be thrilled for the opportunity to capture you and your handsome groom. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to plan your Lake Tahoe wedding photography.

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