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Creative Ways to Photograph Your Engagement Ring

There it is. That sparkling, new ring sits ever so brilliantly upon your ring finger. Your partner presented you with an absolutely stunning ring when they asked you to join them in life, forever. How exciting! Now that you and your fiancé have taken a huge step in your relationship, it’s time to announce to the world that you are engaged to wed. Engagement photos are a lovely way to spread the news of your upcoming nuptials.

There are certainly many poses and aspects that you would love for your engagement photos to reflect. One of the most important details that your guests are sure to ask about, is your ring. That dazzling beauty will signal to the world that your heart rests safely with another. So, why not celebrate the beauty of it?

Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, we revel in the ambiance of true love. That’s why we have put together a few creative ways to photograph your beautiful engagement ring. To learn how you can display your new jewelry, feel free to continue reading for some great inspiration:

  • Capturing or recreating your proposal. If you have the opportunity, it’s extremely beneficial to capture your proposal. But, if it slipped your mind or you just didn’t have the opportunity, you can still recreate that magical moment. The act of taking a knee, extending a small box, and opening it up to reveal the treasure inside, is immediately recognized as a proposal. This is a romantic way to display your wedding ring within your engagement photos.

  • Bring the fairytale to life. Whether you have always fantasized about having a fairytale love, or just enjoy the whimsical nature of it, you can bring this fairytale aspect to life within your photos. You can incorporate your favorite fairytale details into your photos, such as Cinderella’s glass slipper, Snow White’s poison apple, a glorious crown, or even Beauty and the Beast’s perfectly preserved rose. You too can have a fairytale engagement through photography.

  • Incorporating your little one. If you and/or your partner have a child, it’s the perfect time to allow them to be a part of the magic. This is not only a huge change in your life, but theirs as well. Incorporating them into your engagement photos is not only a great way to reassure them that they still hold such a huge piece of your heart, but also gets them excited for the life you are creating together. Allow your little one to show off that gorgeous ring, and you will have a romantic appeal as well as an adorable element.

The ring is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment for an engaged couple, and these tips will help you display yours proudly. Here at Joseph Hummel Photography, as a Tahoe wedding photographer, we would truly enjoy the opportunity to help you honor your engagement through photography. If you are ready to begin planning your Tahoe engagement photography, be feel free to contact us today.

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