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Your Tahoe Wedding Photographer Now with 20/15 Vision

"I can't believe my eyes!"

I was nearsighted until about a week ago. 20/40 was my vision... which basically means I could see at 20 feet what someone else could see from 40 feet away. Now, this isn't very bad vision in comparison to some, but for a photographer to have to wear any glasses at all, can just become a tiresome.

I contemplated it for a few months, went to the consultations with Lasik of NV, I was approved for the procedure. It sounds scary, but honestly it last less than a minute per eye, and you feel no pain, but just discomfort because it is a little stressful (take the pills!!).

After the procedure, I now have 20/15 vision! That means better than 20/20 and I can see at 20 feet what someone else can see at 15 feet.

I won't mention the cost, because everyone reacts differently to what they really value. The lady next to me said she would've paid 10 times the price because the difference it made for her.

Isn't wedding photography just like that? It has the ability to elevate the way we think of others in the future, and ourselves in the present. It can bring reality into focus and help us to realize the things we love more clearly.

Speaking of 'clearly', this was the view from our first engagement session of 2017! Ian and Alyssa, certainly broke the mold by getting up and meeting us at 7am!!... with hair and makeup done!


tahoe beach engagement session winter with snow

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