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Hiring Assistant & Associate Wedding Photographers

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What it IS...
  • Learn first-hand techniques from a seasoned pro wedding photographer

  • Shoot on incredible gear without having to spend tens of thousands of your own money up front

  • Assistant photographers learn in group settings for small fee - once qualified they move up to associate

  • Associate photographers can earn up $25-70/hr  for  each independent shoot 

What it is NOT...
  • A full-time job

  • Boring

Who Should Apply?
  • Live in or around the Reno/Tahoe area

  • Have reliable transportation and be able to commute with 100% reliability to North Tahoe.

  • Communicate well and think on your feet

  • Be able to put put on a smile under difficult and stressful circumstances

  • Keep clients happy and stress-free

  • Work and be focused for up to 8-12 hours at a time

  • Be extremely professional, polished, polite & drug-free

  • Sign an independent contractor agreement to be paid 

  • Work well with others and be motivated to learn

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